3 Tips for Wearing Jewellery at Work

We all have a work wardrobe to a greater or lesser degree, we want to look put together and professional and that can mean we shy away from showing our personalities in what we wear. Jewellery is a great way to add variation to your everyday work wear and to show a little bit of your personality outside of work.

I’ve put together a few key points for those of you who are interested in how to wear jewellery at work. Enjoy!

1. Less is more:

Your aim is to build a jewellery capsule, just like you do your work wardrobe. Versatile pieces that can be worn over and over again in different combinations without getting bored.

Keep in mind quality and wearability. Invest in good quality pieces that will be with you for years to come, focus on metals that won’t react with your skin or clothes. Sterling silver, solid gold and gold vermeil are great metals to choose as they won’t react or degrade if treated with care.

Versatility is key especially if you’re likely to be wearing your jewellery in heavy rotation. Delicate pieces are easier to integrate into your wardrobe than bold statement pieces and give you more options when teaming with other pieces.

2. Get personal:

Jewellery is an expression of you and your interests and is a really great way of showing your personality in an understated way, making it perfect for work.

If your work wardrobe is strict, why not get a little playful with your jewellery? Some delicate blossom hoops with pretty flowers add a feminine and joyful touch to a plain work dress and our pearl bumblebee pieces are a playful twist on more traditional pearl jewellery.

3. Mix it up:

It’s easy to fall into a rut when dressing for work, the rules around what we can and can’t wear can sometimes feel constrictive and can kill our creativity. Wearing similar shapes and styles every day can grow a little tiresome but by changing up your jewellery regularly you can keep things fresh.

Experimenting with mixing your jewellery and wearing the same pieces in different combinations can keep your work outfits interesting and creative. Why not layer a couple of delicate necklaces or stack your rings across your fingers?

Playing with mixed metals can be a way of pairing up jewellery in combinations you wouldn’t have previously thought of.