How To Layer Necklaces Without Knots

Layering necklaces is a super popular trend right now and relieves you of the tricky decision of what jewellery to choose in the morning. Layered necklaces look great but it can be tricky to remain knot free during the day.

gold butterfly layered necklaceFlower and bee layered necklaces

If knot free layering is your aim try experimenting with pendants of different weights and chains of different designs and lengths – super light and delicate chains have an annoying tendency to get knotty very quickly.

When I’m looking to layer my necklaces I choose a longer chain with the most heavy collection of charms and choose to wear it with a shorter necklace with a thicker chain.

Strawberry layered necklace silverpearl acorn layered necklace

It’s all a bit of an experimentation game – there doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast rule for avoiding the dreaded necklace knotting. If you have any tricks or tips I’d love to hear from you!