Summer Styling: 5 Tips For Wearing Jewellery In Summer

Whether you’re heading off for a city break, to a relaxing seaside resort or treating yourself to a staycation you’re more than likely giving some thought to what you’re going to wear when the temperature rises. No matter where you’re off to this summer here’s our top five tips for how to wear, care and pack your jewellery this summertime.

 1. Less Is More

Keeping is simple is our summer mantra, stacking up endless bracelets, dealing with rings on swollen fingers and unknotting multiple chains is not a good look. In the summer time we want our outfits and jewellery to be as easy and carefree as we are. Rather than wearing multiple chains we opt for layering pendants on one long chain, we go for slimmer rings and opt instead to layer our earrings. Simple is key, you don’t want to be packing you’re entire jewellery collection when going on holiday!

2. Re-think Stacking

You’ll find in the warmer months that your rings may feel a little tighter. This is completely normal! We tend to swap stacking out rings with stacking our earrings, keeping it minimal on our fingers and instead telling our story on our lobes. multiple piercings can be made the most of with cute, delicate studs or hoops, giving you your stacking fix without the discomfort of tight rings on warm hands.

We also opt to stack our pendants onto one longer chain over wearing multiple chains – no matter how hard we try many chains in the summer heat always leads to knots and tangles!


 3. Quality Is Key

Base metal throw-away jewellery will always fade and discolour and more so in the warmer months, longer contact with warmer skin will dull lower quality jewellery and is more likely to irritate your skin quicker too.

Opting for better quality jewellery will have your skin and clothes thanking you, sterling silver and gold vermeil pieces won’t react with your skin and will keep their shine for the duration of your summertime adventures.

Just make sure to remove your jewellery before contact with the sea, shower or pool to keep everything sparkly!

4. Effortless is the Goal

The aim in the summer is to look good and feel good with as little effort as possible – less time getting ready means more time in the sunshine! Stick to a few key pieces, a simple pendant, some delicate rings and easy earrings and you can’t go wrong. Summer isn’t the time to be weighing yourself down with jewellery, light, fresh and easy are the season’s keywords.

5. Learn How To Care For Your Jewellery Collection

It the summer time our jewellery takes a little bit more of a beating, even when we’re trying our best to look after it. Build up of sun cream, perfume and oils from your skin can dull your jewels’ sparkle. Learn how to care for your jewellery here and keep it looking brilliant all summer long!