The Strawberry Necklace - A Day At PYO

The strawberry necklace was inspired by a sun soaked Sunday at a Pick Your Own farm in Hertfordshire. 

Is there anything that epitomises the British summertime more than Berry stained fingers and a sore back from searching for the perfect fruit? 

strawberry picking

The necklaces are an exact replica of a strawberry I picked that day. By using 3d scanning techniques I've been able to cast the texture of the skin and pips perfectly. 

I'm a firm believer in "one for the punnet, one for me" but this usually results in a bit of a sore tummy! 

strawberry picking

bumblebee on lavendar

Here are some summery snaps of that day, I'm writing this on a drizzly grey day on the way to a meeting and I couldn't think of anywhere I'd rather be.

Rachel Whitehead Jewellery at Hitchin Lavendar

poppies at hitchin lavendar