Gemstone Bee Necklaces - A Closer Look

Inspired by the industrious bumblebees busily buzzing about in flowerbeds the Gemstone Bee Necklaces are a sparkly reminder of the diligent little insects.

Bees form an integral part of my jewellery collections and I thought a closer look at the sparkliest of the gang would be a pretty pick me up for what is turning out to be a rather gloomy Monday morning. 

Amethyst Gemstone Bee Necklace

The gemstone bumblebees come in three different stone shapes, round, oval and the most popular, pear. I like my gemstones to look like sparkly sweeties so I like my bees with a juicy pop of colour but the bees can be set with almost any gemstone.

I've done a few bee projects with clients who are looking use stones from jewellery they don't wear anymore or as a way of keeping a loved one's stone close to them.

Gemstone Bee Necklaces

Gemstone Bee Necklaces

Gemstone Bee Necklaces

If you're interested in working together to make a super special bee with a particular stone pop a message through, a personal project is always good fun.

Gemstone Bee Necklace