Hello world!


Rachel graduates from Manchester School of Art with a First Class Honours in 3D Design.

In the following years Rachel sets out to learn as much as possible about the British jewellery industry by working for big companies and small designers around the country.

First Design

The Pearl Bumblebee

The first, and still now, most popular design was made by Rachel from her bedroom in 2014. 

Sold to friends and family through word of mouth the idea of having a jewellery brand starts to become an all-consuming passion.

A move to


After working in the British jewellery trade for a few years Rachel takes a job as a CAD Designer at one of the UK’s largest diamond ring manufacture in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Excited to be in the heart of British jewellery making Rachel works on her collections in every spare moment.

And Exciting Opportunity

John Lewis

Without a website, without ever selling to anyone other than friends and family, Rachel lands John Lewis as her first stockist in 2016. What a dream!

With a tight deadline, 100 pieces of jewellery are made from the corner of her living room.

The website follows and as does a place in Natwest’s business accelerator incubator.

Next Steps

dreaming big

Early 2017 marks an exciting move from a full-time day job to part time allowing more time to grow the business.

A Silver prize at the Goldsmith’s awards and a pop-up in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre are both lovely celebrations of how far the business has come.

All change

moving to the quarter

A move into a workshop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is an exciting next step.

Three great wins with the Jeweller’s Academy Jewel Fund Bursary,  Retail Jeweller’s 30 under 30 and The 2018 Small Business 100 affirms that things are on the right track.

so here we are

building the future

Settled in the new workshop and surrounded by some incredibly talented women We're feeling enlivened and inspired for the future of this little business. 

2020 sees an exciting move to full time on the business, new jewellery collections and an fun new range of hair accessories.