How To Care For Your Jewellery - Cleaning & Storing Gold, Silver and Pearl Jewellery

We want your collection of  Rachel Whitehead Jewellery pieces to look their best for years to come so we’ve complied a little How To Guide  with some tips on how to care for your jewellery collection.

How to care for sterling silver jewellery:

Just like some other precious metals sterling silver can tarnish. Tarnishing is a natural process that occurs when the surface of the metal has a chemical reaction with the air. Tarnishing leaves a greyish bloom on the surface of the metal which dulls the shine of polished silver.

To prolong the shine of your silver jewellery, allow perfumes and lotions to dry before putting on your jewellery and if you can, put on your jewellery last when dressing.

Remember to store your jewellery separately. We recommend the use of plastic zip lock bags to stop your pieces scratching and knotting together, this will also reduce exposure to the air which can promote tarnish.

How to care for gold vermeil jewellery:

Gold vermeil is a is a thick layer of gold plated over sterling silver. Over time this layer can wear away. Gold vermeil can and does wear away over time. The time this takes depends on frequency of wear and skin acidity. As the gold wears you may start to see the silver underneath the plating. This is normal and to be expected with heavy wear, don't worry, we offer a repairs and reconditioning service, find out more by getting in touch.

Skin acidity, friction from clothing, sprays and lotions can all have a detrimental affect on the vermeil plate. To prolong the life of your plated jewellery put your jewellery on last, gently remove build up with a soft cloth and store your jewellery in a zip lock bag or the box you received it in.

How to care for pearl jewellery:

We use freshwater cultured pearls in our designs. These are natural stones and must be treated delicately to keep them looking at their best. Pearls react well to the natural oils on your skin and this is the best way to maintain their lustre. Pearls are natural stones and need to breathe so store your pearl jewellery in its box rather than in a plastic bag or box.

Pearls are highly porous stones and absorb any liquids and chemicals on the skin. With this in mind always put your pearl jewellery on last and avoid direct contact with creams and perfumes.

Pearls can be scratched by harder stones and metals, keep this in mind if you layer your jewellery - make sure your pearls aren't rubbing against harder materials. Pearls need to breath so don't store them in airtight containers or bags as they can discolour. Store your pearl jewellery in the box it arrives in and use a soft, dry cloth to gently clean your pearls.

How to clean your jewellery:

Build up of beauty products on your jewellery can dull the sparkle of stones and the shine of metal. Try to leave putting on your jewellery until last when dressing, avoid contact with sprays and creams and always remove your jewellery when swimming or showering.

A soft anti-tarnish cloth can be used to remove tarnish on silver. A very soft toothbrush, a little warm water and some dish soap can be used to remove any build up of lotions in nooks and crannies and will bring up your gemstones a treat. Just remember to be gentle, rubbing too hard my remove plated finishes.

Last but not least:

To keep your jewellery at its best ask yourself "would I wear my favourite dress to do this?" if the answer is no, pop your jewellery off, you'll thank yourself for it later!