How to Layer Necklaces

You don’t have to wear chunky jewellery to make a statement. Layering your favourite delicate pieces can achieve an eye catching result with ample opportunity to mix things up for a different look. Mixing lengths, details and textures are all ways of making the most from your jewellery collection.

Here are some tips on how to layer your jewellery

Decide on a theme

Working around a theme makes deciding what to wear easier, are you layering up your floral jewellery for a pretty statement or are you telling your story through your charms and love token pieces?

Give your necklaces space

Giving your pieces enough space to shine is key when layering your necklaces. Play with different chain lengths and aim for your pieces to be at around two inches apart.

There’s more on chain lengths on our post here.

Mix up your style

Mixing different necklace styles brings interest and texture to your layered necklace stack. Station style chains and traditional pendant necklaces keeps your stack interesting, as does mixing different chain weights.

How to avoid tangled chains

Whenever your layer your necklaces you’re likely to encounter tangles chains. This can put some people off experimenting, so we came up with the layering clasp which allows you to layer two chains without the annoyance of knots and tangles.

Once you’ve decided on your perfect necklace stack you can attach them securely to the layering clasp to keep your layered necklaces safe, secure and looking beautiful.