How to Measure Your Finger Size

When choosing your new ring it’s important to remember that many countries have different ways of measuring finger size.
At Rachel Whitehead Jewellery we measure our rings using UK sizing, if you need to convert your size take a look at our conversion chart here. UK ring sizing runs from A (the smallest to Z+++ (the biggest).
Using a measuring tape, cutting a hole from a sheet of paper and wrapping a piece of string around your finger are all very ingenious ways of measuring your finger but they're unlikely to give you an accurate size reading.
Silver Yellow Gold Vermeil Garland Ring Rachel Whitehead Jewellery
Silver and yellow gold garland rings
Instead, make a visit to your local jeweller who will be more than happy to measure your finger using the correct tool – a set of metal rings in half size increments.
Your local jeweller won't charge for this and it's a fun excuse to browse the sparkly things!
A jeweller should also be able to measure an existing ring using a ring stick if you are planning a secret surprise for a loved one – how to cunningly pinch a ring is down to you!
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Keep in mind that our fingers can increase and decrease in size over the course of a day, especially when it’s hot or very cold outside. You may also find that you need a larger ring size as the width of the band increases.
If your gifting a ring and don’t know the correct size I always recommend going for a size N – it nearly always fits on at least one finger.
Remember, we want every piece of Rachel Whitehead Jewellery to be loved and treasured, so if the ring isn’t the right size, we are very happy to exchange or resize for the perfect fit.
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